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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) online software enables you to run the business professionally. ERP Management Software’s Integrated applications assist company to record entire data of activities. Information helps company to expand and explore each opportunity for the business. ERP Software provides solutions with data in planning and costing of a product and captures each activity, inventories, payment and shipping details. ERP software from SalesBabu provides combined details of Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and Delivery.Online ERP system India advances companies activities because it can be modified in accordance with the requirement of the business. It empowers you to add operations of new department or a new process as per you need. Automation improves reporting skills so departments and members of team can access database for key information instantly.
Online ERP Software gives you quality and filtered information which help you take decision fast. Data makes you aware of future opportunities and challenges which accelerate business activities and bring down the operational cost.


Stock Management

Software help you to control stock online and ensures the best customer services Online and gives you complete details of stored items with the micronized descriptions. It enables you to manage various warehouses with master database. It synchronize the inventory levels and maintain stock instantly.

Inventory Management

Save your valuable time to reconcile the data and allow you to access information from any place. It updates the details of stock real-time and provide in-depth reports to analyse each activity. EPR software allows companies to maintain correct levels of stock to ensure uninterrupted supplies as per need.

Low Operations Cost

ERP Online Software permits you to access the centralized data with all updated information. it reduces the duplication of records to save your time and enables to you to take fast decisions. It provides you applications to manage your entire business professionally. It reduces cost of operation and increase the profit.

Customer Relation Management

Online ERP Software ensures proficient customer services and improve sales strategies for the company. Managers can access real-time information for planning, sales activities and operations. Instant updates reduce support time to manage customers. It ensures delivery on time and smooth operations.

Purchase Management

Credance Infotech ERP Software ensures smooth flow of services and goods. It allows you to identify budget allocation, expenses, savings, sales trends across all departments. It reduces the risk of errors in order and invoice records and evaluates inventory consumption to plan future purchase cost.

Manage Sales Scenario

Credance Infotech ERP software helps you to manage leads, set reminders for follow-ups, generate quotations, order and sales invoices. It generate real-time MIS report to forecast sales and plan sales strategies. Dashboard snapshot provides you details of pending leads, real-time reports to increase revenue and improve customer relation.

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