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Inventory Management Software

Credance Infotech Inventory Management Software ensures fast processing of inventory balance quantity and orders. It provides you real-time stock of raw material and ready stock. It helps you to understand work in progress and product details in depth. It tracks inventories at every level. Software keeps record of Sale/Purchase orders with details of consumption and balance quantity. It helps you to track inventory with the electronic identification thus make sure quick and well-organized scan of products sold, transferred or received.SalesBabu Inventory Management alerts you to re-order an item when it comes to the lowest marked level. It helps you to generate bills, work orders and related documents and make you aware, if any product is overstock or to avoid shortage. Company managers can be aware of revenue engaged in inventory of a stock. Online inventory management software tracks products with its Serial Number, lot, Batch and barcode number. It gives a clear idea of the cost of material used to ensure a service. Price of material will be added to service charges to get the total cost. Inventory Software tracks items during transit in the warehouse or at the level of vendor.


Bills Of Material

Software ensures centralization all information online. It gives you clear intimation of goods finished and enables you to track updates with reference of the product’s model. Bills Of Material is the list of assemblies & components of a product. Software tracks Name of spare parts, Serial Number, Description & Units Measurement.

Issue & Receipt

Credance Infotech reduces the chances of fraud and streamlines the entire inventory process. It helps you in the time management with user friendly interface to avoid mis-management. It is the best software in India because it eliminates the chances of error in managing stock as it generate Receipts and Issues online.

Raw Materials

Credance Infotech best inventory software in India because it monitors the usage of Raw Material and help you to reduce wastage. It gives you added advantage of delivery on-time. Manage utilization of Capital, Conflicts and improve Collaboration with our software system. It helps company to determine the best output with proper use.

Finished Goods

System provides you complete information of all products in synchronized manner. It helps you in the management of up-gradation and scheduling. Inventory management software enables you to check stock level with all micronized details. its manage the final manufactured product and its timely delivery to the customers.

Delivery Challan

Track the delivery of product and proof professionally with online. It provides you the complete list of items delivered. Software is authentic and a reliable tool to manage all Delivery Challans with real-time access to complete process. Inventory management software ensures that Delivery Challan is properly signed by the customer along with the Purchase Bill.

Goods Receipt Note

Goods Receipt Note efficiently with the software, which ensures real-time inventory. Now management of goods receipt from the Goods Receipt Note efficiently with the software, which ensures real-time inventory. Now management of goods receipt from the vendors to the customer is no more a headache. Inventory management software keeps the record of Delivery Proof with complete details. Software registers all Information to assist financial department.

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