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Payroll Management System

Payroll Management Software designed to manage companies account and employee’s salary. Software helps you to manage all branches and divisions of the company. It incorporates the details of employees’ work hours and authorization economically. Payroll management system empowers you to upload company’s logo on the reports and salary slips. Logo will appear while you download or print the reports or salary slips. Payroll Management Software, India helps you to manage various branches at the same time. You can create branches as per the requirement to maintain complete details of division or branch of the company. Software enables you to manage departments with all micro details. It also manages Bank details completely and professionally run the company’s account.Payroll Software can set holidays and leave details for a calendar year. You can anytime change leave or holiday setting to update details. Software effectively manages Allowances and Deductions as it enables you to delete or add deductions or allowances for employees. It mentions employer/employees’ contribution without error while calculating salaries. Setting of tax percentage advances the payroll accounting because you can set the tax percentage for employees according to salary brackets.


Employee Management

Employee Management Centralizes the record of all employee and make sure that you can access the information online. It keeps the details of active and in-active work staff at a place. It helps you to manage employees record and payroll information with pay structure. Software captures the details of previous employment, settlements and transfer.

Leave & Attendance

Now monitor leaves and attendance without headache with SalesBabu Software. It systematically maintain leave details with manager’s approval. Software helps you to carry forward balance leaves and leave encashment. It manages details of SL, CL, PL and Compensatory leaves. Employees can submit leave application online with workflow.

Generate Salary Online

It provides you an instant salary processing system which give you complete information with a click. You have to select the Branch or Division of the company you need to process salary and just click on ‘Generate Salary’ tab. Employees salary will be processed within a few seconds. System offers complete payroll automation.

Emoluments & Deductions

Online Payroll Management Software enables you to set detailed salary master. Automation process handles the complex deductions & emoluments easily. Payroll Management System capably integrates deductions and other benefits as per the employees entitlement & eligibility. It helps you define PF Deduction Rate for Employees & Employer without errors.

Minimize Tax Headaches

Online Payroll Management Software, India enables you to calculate Income Tax easily to avoid headaches at the yearend. It manages Professional Tax, PF and ESIS Calculation & Reports. Software calculates Exemptions & Deductions and compute payable income tax for the financial year and tax required to pay this month. It calculates TDS based on projections.

Expenses & Reimbursement

Expense Management is an added advantage of SalesBabu Payroll Management System, It manages details of all expenses so employees can claim for eligible reimbursements for travel, LTA, annual leaves and medical benefits. You can set upper limits in accordance with employees grade. It allows you to check Entitlement, Opening Balance,Reimbursed Amount.

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